Merdi Sihombing

MERDI SIHOMBING Leads to the surfacing of traditional textile from other generation, one of them ULOS, which had been receiving support for a long time.

ULOS that come from Merdi’s hand as a talented designer surfaced full of spirit and steal attention from many. With persistence and focus he has elevated the unique textile of his homeland North Sumatera.

Merdi’s risky jump as a young designer then was not without proper preparation,held studied fashion knowledge from BUNKA later at ESMOD fashion design school and also on Visual Art Textile Craft at the Jakarta Institute of Arts(IKJ).  His fashion exploration dear turned not to only orienting towards the West, in fact he continued creating works inspired by the traditional communities.

His observation began in studying the process of hand spinning cotton fibers into thred,followed by understanding the importance of quality and lenght of thread in traditional textile.  Also in his obsession of mastering the exelence of Indonesia hand woven.

He collaborated with nearly-extinct Weaver master, they are hermits who live for and work on hand woven.  They are living chest of traditional treasure, In this heavely traditional realm, Merdi’s explore textile with modern inovation and brought textile manufacture from conventional into a bit controversial works.

Responding to the enlightenment Merdi’s had received following his love into tradition, he continue playing on fabrics that are not only aesthetic but also artistic.  He constantly trace the main thread from the traditional textile to the Hughes quality textile.

In his quest, which stand on an effort to culture preservation, Merdi had represented both the tangible and the intangible in his development work.  His creations on natural dye and the authentic traditional symbol are not only relevant in the Batak culture, but also significant as an effort ins sustainability in the contemporary age.