Nadia Gitta Listyani, NaGitta

Graduate of Textile and Craft Faculty of Art and Design Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).


NaGitta focus on the concept of back to nature in textile coloring techniques by using natural ingredients of chrysanthemum on silk fabrics to produce fashion products that are enviromentally friendly.

Exploration on Chrysant (Chrysanthemum) Utilization as Natural Dyes on Silk Painting Techniques” features the uniqueness of the textile processing technique silk painting, which uses the extract of chrysant as the dye.  Besides researching the possibility of an alternative usage of chrysant as a natural dye on textiles.

Through this project, it’s expected that aesthetic works with high craftsmanship values are created to bring new uniqueness and originality in the field of craft and art.


Dyeing technique with chrysanthemum waste uses the tie-dye technique and is given a touch of colour from the wood as well as lndigofiera growth produces aesthetic works that are high value, unique, and different in various shades and colours.


Appreciates the natural wealth owned by many regions in Indonesia to infuse into every area of utilization of textile waste into works.

Limited knowledge towards the value of natural dye along with the lack of concern and admiration towards Indonesia’s nature makes us prefer to choose synthetic dyes.  Through this work, the owner of NaGitta hopes to draw people’s interest and concern on the usage of natural dye by developing potential materials as bases of natural dyes.

lnstagram: nagittalistyani