Veronika Siska

VERONIKA SISKA was born June 3rd 1987.  She was always has passion on fashion.  To achieve her dream she then studied at ESMOD and graduate 2009 with excellent score and entitled with best student.  She had been working as Head Designer at RICKY L wedding boutique for 2 years.

Right now she teach at ESMOD Creative HUB as Fashion illustration and Sewing teacher.  To give her best knowledge of fashion to others youngster.

For Future she was planning to make kids clothing line that afordable, comfy, and eco friendly yet captivate young kids style.

During her ESMOD year 2006 until 2009 she was often participate and get in various fashion contest here are some of her achievement:

  1. Top 20 in Reebok Contest 2006/2007
  2. Top 20 Miki Design Competition
  3. Semifinal in Swarovski 2007
  4. Top 20 Semifinalist in RANCANG BUSANA BATIK, PRODO Magazine 2007
  5. Finalist in Swarovski Contest 2008
  6. Finalist in LEA Design Competition 2008
  7. Top 10 INDOPROJECT RUNWAY 2018.

Tema Baju

  1. Batik: Enchanted Modern Batik
  2. Ready to Wear: Chic Womenizer